Perpetual Tutorial....

...Over The next few months I am going to post about this project, but I am posting as I go which means you wont see the end result for a while. I will give you a hint though...the end result is a wedding cake. So, here is the start of the project.

I started with a template for a cake piece. This template from Mirkwood designs should do the trick. I had to adjust the template so I had 3 sizes. I needed 12 of each size for my cake, but you will have to figure out how many your need depending on the size of each layer. I cut cardstock, scored, folded and glued each piece together. (on this one I cut them all out of 1 color, then changed my mind and wanted 3 colors so I covered the outside edge with cardstock...and painted the top to match). Once I had all cake pieces done, I adhered them together to form 3 separate tiers.

I then covered the outside edge and exposed top with an Adhesive sheet (see photo). Then I rubbed the tiers I had covered with the Adhesive sheet, in MICRO BEADS. I used the Adhesive sheet to tape a ribbon on each tier. This is the end result of the first part. Now to find the time to decorate the cake....MMMMMMMM, this almost looks edible, dont you think so?


Lois Michael said…
You never cease to amaze me with your creativity. Your brain is always outside the box girlfriend. Thats why I like you I guess!
Allison Rankin said…
This is amazing...can't wait to see more of it!

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