Please Say I Didn't.....

...But I DID! I swore I wouldn't...But I did. Yes, I entered the DIGI world. My friends Lois and Rachele who are both dedicated hands-on scrappers started getting their hands into the Digital Scrapbooking and I laughed at them, I might have even scorned them...actually I know I did. How could one give up the feel of fibers, paper and embellishment for the touch of a keyboard? Well, with all that said, I was extremely jealous of the fact that they were getting layouts done, and I was putting it off because my layouts take me hours...even days. So, I stopped scrapping all together. I kept saying "when I am 60 I will scrap my life". Well, why wait till 60 years old when you can scrap a few pages in an hours? DUH! So, I followed some great tutorials and BOOM...BAM....a bunch of layouts later! I LOVE THIS...I feel free. I am okay with not feeling fibers, buttons, and paper...because now I have more for my altered items....and if I really want to go crazy I can always do Hybrid Scrappin after I print the pages out. I know these are still simple...and I really want to get into overlays, and shadows...but this is the start. Hey, guess what? If you own a can scrapbook in bed!


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