"ugly" Challenge 6

And the last one for the challenge was a brown and blue paper with hieroglyphs on it. Okay Nancy, I know we live in Arizona...but this paper was U-G-L-Y! I used it for the background of this card and stamped it with a coffee word background stamp. I think its cute...and I hope you do to. Whew...challenge done! Now back to coloring some new, wonderful Pike images :)


Jen said…
you had way to much fun playing with ugly paper. LOL i have loved every card you have made!
Debbee said…
I love this one...... They've all turned out very nice. This should show people that if you think outside the box or as I like to say "WWJD" What Would Jenn Do? you can make it work.. Oh and in the words of Elaine... "Opportunities for Creativity"!

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