"Ugly" Challenge

So, I will have a few cards to post over the next few days. This is the "ugly" part. Last month I went to a crop where the hostess put on an "ugliest paper" game. Whom ever had the ugliest paper won. Boy, it was hard to choose...they were all pretty ugly. Prior to getting to the crop I made the announcement that I would take all the ugly paper and produce a card as a special gift. So, here is the first card that came from Marty's ugly paper. The ugly paper provided is the pattern paper with the dots. I used colored cardstock and the cactus set from CTMH. This was a challenge!


Jen said…
only you can make ugly paper into a beautiful card. great job jenn!
Gamma said…
I kinda like the paper! Great job on the card. I love the colors! So "Arizona" looking and I am not referring to the cactus either!

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