Sunday, July 17, 2011

Slightly UNcensored (sorry I had to do it)

I totally "crack" myself up!  I had to do it you know.  Last week I did a very ummmm, sexy card.  Well I covered up all the parts :)  This week I exposed all the parts.  Here is what I created for Dustin Pike inspiration for his Animals Rule Challenge.  I used all the same stuff as I had used in my last "sexy" card to kind of mimic it.  This was fun.  Be sure and join in on the fun over on Dustin's Blog HERE.  If you want to see the other card and details you can go HERE.  Thank you all for your kind comments over the years.  I read them all and really appreciate them.  It keeps me coloring!

R29 R46 R59 T1 T3 T5 T9 E31


Susie said...

You crack me up too! This reminds me of the hippo in the movie, 'Madagascar' She was totally sexy (at least Moto-Moto thought so) *laughing*

Great card and beautiful coloring.

Susie ~

Boxofcolours said...

Ooh you are so "cheeky" sometimes! Jane

Jan Garber said...

Ok, now I know you need to get out of the house more! I totally LOL when I saw that! She is adorably cute and sexy!

Pam Hornschu said...

Jenn, you are a riot! My hubby probably would love the first, but I think my fave is the second...after all, there was MORE to color!