Sunday, January 22, 2012

I See You

One thing that has always driven me crazy is spending hours coloring images.   Okay, it's not the coloring that drives me crazy, or the hours I devote to it, It's the fact that in high school I used to paint, draw and create and today I lack confidence and the knowledge that I wish to have. 

 It's one of those thing that if you don't practice you lose some of it.  As I tell my student...practice practice practice....yet with drawing I do not do it.  Well things are gonna change.  I think I should go back to school.  Okay not this week, this week I am drawing. Today I drew eyes, although not perfect I can say I DID THIS!  Makes me happy!


Susie said...


GOOD for you!! I appreciate your offering today. This eye portrait speaks many things. They are forward looking, encouraging, and ask the question: what will you do with your talent and gift?

Kindest regards,
Susie Lessard

Jan Garber said...

They sure look perfect to me! You are too hard on yourself! You have so much creative talent!

designsfromwithinbycharlotte said...

Jen, you are so uber there anything you can't make look beautiful? You should really do more drawing coz these are fabulous...really!

Scraptastic said...

Amazing and extremely perfect! Your rock!

Babs said...

So beautiful! You are really talented, glad I found your blog, I'm your newest follower.
Babs xo

Stampendous said...

How did I miss these? These would make an amazing stamp! Love them! More drawing, please!

Aileen said...

Hi jennifer, love the eyes. Must try some hand drawing and colouring myself. hugs, Aileen