Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Rockin' It

 I love every one of the newest Emo's from Make It Crafty.  I think they all have a bit of attitude, kind of like me.  And well if I could get away with it I would punk out my hair too.  So for this coloring inspiration I colored up Roxette.  I really just want her boots (and her waist line)...she can keep the Present!

RV17 RV19 RV34 hair, shirt and boots
E43 E44 E49 Pants
E50 E51 E11 E23 Skin
BG72 BG75
You can get your copy of her HERE


Aeryn Kelly-Reitmeyer said...

Haha, I knew you'd love those boots. You've got the waistline more than I do though, be grateful! lol! Your card looks great. <3

Gramma said...

Two thumbs up from Gramma!

Kathleen said...

What are you talkin' about?!? You've got her waistline, girl!