Don't Be "Reeedeep-ulous"!

REE-DEEEEP  REE-DEEEP........I love froggies...a whole lot.  Check out this one I just discovered from LittleMissMuffet Stamps!  I colored him up the moment I got my hands on him!!!  If you love froggies too, this one is a must stamp!

Image - Broasca The Frog - (Rubber stamp)

C0 1 3 5 eyes
YG03 17 67 greens
E31 33 35 57 pottery
R14 27 46 reds
B02 04 06 flowers


Faye Wynn-Jones said…
I see you! Fabness :) x
Natalie said…
Adorable! Toad-ily adorable!
So cute! I love the definition you gave on his lower lip - adorable! :D
Sue from Oregon said…
Very fun...and love that sky too!
Tina said…
Wonderful! I love this card! :)

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