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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Snail Mail for your Birthday

So my friend Barb with LittleMissMuffet had a little booboo that happened and was good for a laugh.  A handful of stamps were made 6 inches x 6 inches instead of the smaller desired size she wanted.  So for fun she had some of us color the huge stamped image up.  It really was a blast.  I think we need more 6 x 6 stamps!  I was able to cut it down to fit on an A2 (mostly).  I stamped it in pink so the lines disappeared.  Fun right?!   LittleMissMuffet Stamps now has this wonderful stamp available in the store in the correct size...OR the Jumbo ones are for sale.  HERE IS THE LINK

R24 R29 R59
YG11 YG03 YG25 YG17 YG67
E40 E41 E42 E43 E44 E49
C1 C3 C5 C7


...just Barbara said...

Pink? I never would have guessed! I've been using gray but I think I might have to get me some pink and go for more of a no-lines look. ;)

Love this card and it doesn't look so big when you've got it all cut out like that - very sneaky.

Unknown said...

I want a big one!

Bunny said...

Beautifully colored. I love snail mail (this image) and real snail mail. It's still a little exciting about receiving snail mail. Unless it's a bill, or junk mail, or political bombardment of gigantic post cards.

Carol T said...

I like the big stamp!! I want one. Your coloring made it come to life. I hope with time I will be able to color half as good as you can. This stamp just makes you happy!!

Shari said...

That card is awesome! I love the big size and the coloring.. So much fun! So, are the mistakes for sale? ^_^

Jennifer Dove said...

So ladies i will post back here as soon as she places the two LARGE stamps in her store for sale...that is all she has so you will want to be quick! So yes the boo boo stamps will be for sale ONLY because you asked :)

Jennifer Dove said...

a few available - get them quick

Erica Bruton said...

love this. snails are so quirky