I decided to take a moment for me!  I colored up this sweet new released rubber stamp from La-La Land Crafts.  Her name is Darling Molli.  I combined her with La-La Land Cherry Blossom Border die.  I used the flower die on the edges of the card as a border and then used the tiny centers of the Cherry Blossom die (the scraps that looked like stars) on her dress.   
I did a simple airbrushed background and then stamped over it with a tiny dots rubber stamp that I had laying around.  I enjoyed the little break from reality.  

I have been buried in design mode for weeks.  I don't see the end in sight quite yet either.  Give me two weeks.  I am designing 4 cards for my local 48 people for February, and designing 4 cards for 48 people in March.  Then in April we head to Yosemite for a huge retreat and some classes.  I am designing 4 cards for 100 people and another two classes of 4 cards each with 25 - 48 people.  Okay math time...that is 300 people total at 4 cards each...that is 1200 cards to be prepped.  Thank goodness I have a little help from my friends when it comes to prep!  I just need to get past the design stage.  There is always tomorrow.

YG01 YG03 YG17
E50 E51 E53 E93
BV20 BV23
N7 N8 N10


WrinkleFreeDiva said…
So beautiful! I love all of the little details that take the card from fantastic to phenomenal!

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