Wednesday, January 30, 2013


CRP189 Sweet Peas
A2 Size

Sweet Peas

Stamp image onto white card stock and color
Use a punch to remove corners of image.
distress image edges
layer onto pink card stock
place pearls in the 4 corners
make holes using 2 eyelets and thread with small ribbon towards bottom of image
pop up onto textured brown card stock
place onto pink card stock and then onto brown card base
Add a string of pearls on edge of pink layer

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Orange Blossom - New Release

E40 E41 E42 E43 E44 E49 with orange POP
Another Favorite and will be part of an upcoming class in Arizona

CRW086 Orange Blossom
FREG027 Shabby White
FRC17 Peach color fragments

Orange Blossom

Stamp image and color
cut out with fancy die for shape
sprinkle pattern paper with Shabby white embossing enamel and peach color fragments and heat from beneath
layer pattern paper onto card stock as shown
wrap card with burlap
using top boss embossing pad add shabby white enamel 
add color fragments with adhesive 
pop up image

Monday, January 28, 2013

Coloring Water - Tutorial


I hope you have enjoyed all the tutorials over the course of last year. I hope you are inspired and you have been able to try your own coloring skills on different images with what you have learned and your alcohol based markers.

Now let’s talk a little bit about coloring water images. When coloring water, we first need to think of its characteristics. Coloring water can be fairly complex. Water is affected by its surroundings, reflections, how deep or shallow it is, and the clarity. 

In this image from you get the feeling that it is calm water which  allows for reflections within the surface of the water.

Deep water usually doesn’t have underwater debris to break up the surface. It moves more slowly, leaving it 
smooth in appearance. Your blending will be smooth as well. The sky and anything around the water will stand out more in the reflections. 

Deep water is a deep blue color, almost black in appearance. There will be very little ripple in the water. The reflections will be more crisp. 

Shallow water usually has small ripples as it moves over rocks and sand or other debris. This will cause the water to have reflections that are not solid but rather broken up amongst the ripples. You will want both light and dark reflections within the ripples. Sometimes it’s easier to leave white areas and come back with the lightest marker and fill in that area using side-to-side flick blending. For shallow water you will want a slightly smoother blend.   Shallow water can be a multitude of colors depending on where it’s located. More shallow waters have warmer and lighter color tones. Rivers, lakes and streams grab light within the water particles and tend to be greener in appearance. The deeper the water the darker it gets.   Reflections from the sky onto the water will be a darker version than the sky itself as well as the reflections from an object onto the water. 

If you are coloring the water by the ocean shore, it will be a lighter and brighter blue because it is not as deep and picks up the ambient light. You will want to leave more white areas, allowing the look of foam at the wave edges. You can add this back in using opaque white. When coloring images such as an ocean scene you want to be aware that an ocean image appears darker, or more gray towards the horizon, and gets lighter the closer to the shoreline. If you are doing an underwater scene, the area closest to the ocean floor will appear darker than what is closest to the waters surface where the skylight is illuminating. Cold water and deep water appear a darker blue, where tropical or warmer waters will appear more of a brighter blue or blue-green. Murky water will have more of a gray tone. 

Because water is reflective, if there is an object in the water then those colors would reflect in the water more concentrated under the object and feather out once out of the shadowed areas blocking the sun. The sun not blocked by 

clouds will cast brighter highlights in the water. A cloudy day would cause the water to appear darker and more of a gray tone to it, where a clear blue sky would reflect in the colors you use such as the lighter blues and greens. 
Now that you have the logistics of water and how it appears, let us talk about actually getting into it. 
I usually color water in long fine strokes. Overlaying the colors will blend out some of the texture you might want if your water has action. Be sure and figure out what kind of effect you want to achieve. You can add white back into the water with a white gel pen or Opaque white. Be sure this is your last step, as you can’t color over these products without ruining your pen nib. Get out your colors and try your hand at coloring images with water. 

Annie’s has an online video coloring class which will take you through all the basics of coloring with Copics. The class is downloadable and uses images from Stampendous, Talkabout Impressions, Make It Crafty, Crafters Companion, and DoodleDragon Studios. For more information on this class, click HERE

VooDoo You Love?

I am someone who can handle sweet images, but I much prefer the weird, dark and quirky.  So you can imagine my excitement when Dustin came out with his new VooDoo dollies.  Out of all being released I had to color the one with a skull friend.  I even came up with this cute quote to go with it.  Be sure and check out the other new ones in his store. HERE is the link to get them this evening, as I know you want them NOW!  He was colored with the BV20-29 and his little friend was colored with the E40-49.

For more inspiration check out Dustin's blog HERE where all the Doodle Crew did some amazing stuff with awesome quotes to go with them.

Ruby Reds - New Release

As if one pair of shoes wasn't enough Stampendous has two pairs of shoes this release.  This image uses their NEW Ultra fine glitter.  I spent a lot of time on this image and it is very layered.  You can see the complexity of this image below.

Coloring things gold :  Copics Y11 Y15 Y26 Y28

CRW091 Ruby Slippers
CRS5036 Gears
FREG042 Aged Bronze Enamel
GM251U Red ultra fine glitter
EP505 bark embossing powder

Ruby Slippers
6x6 card

Stamp image 4 times on white cardstock
first image - Cover one image with tack n peel tape and cover with glitter.
cut out inside of shoe and outside of shoe.
Second image - color inside of shoe and cut out around outside
Place glitter shoe on colored shoe with inside exposed
third image - color just metal parts of shoe, add brads, cut and place on glitter shoe
emboss gears, cut out
fourth image -  emboss with bark embossing powder add some glitter to "ruby slippers" 
Add all layers of shoe together and mat as shown.  
Distress edges and layer card as shown

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Make it Crafty is having a NEW Release and the are all quirky cute wedding themed.  I challenged myself on this one to play with colored metal.  Straight lines and shine.  It was a time consuming challenge but I am happy with the results.  You can get this image HERE and see the other ones too.  I also used MakeItCrafty chipboard flowers and painted them white with acrylic paint.  I am a sucker for chipboard elements and Zoe mades such amazing fine detailed chipboard amazingness!  You can see them HERE and she is always coming out with more. 

R14 R24 R46 R59 metal car
N1 N3 N5 N7 N9 metal tin

I Got U Babe!

It is time to "strike a pose" with this NEW image from Alicia's Little Shop.  Alicia was sweet enough to ask me to play with some of her amazingly cute images from her new Digi Store.  Of course I accepted!  Look at how cute this image is.  I am working on another one too, so standby.  In the mean time please go check out Alicia's Store HERE and her blog HERE and leave her some love.  You can get your images while you are looking around too.


Face E50 E51 E93 BV20 BV23
Hair YR31 E35 E57 E79
Pants B91 B75 B99
Shirt V12 V17 BV08

Snake Skin Boots - NEW RELEASE

I wish you could see this card in person.  This one took me quite a while to color because each little spot on the boot was colored as an individual piece.  Then I added brads to the metal portions.  AMAZING!  This is a MUST HAVE stamp.

CRW090 Click Your Heals
FREG023 Aged Silver Enamel
FRM05 Bronzed Mica
FRG02c Champagne Glass glitter
FRC06 Ochre Fragment Chips
FRC16 Mint Frag Chips
EP505 Bark Embossing Powder
DP104 Detailed Copper Embossing Powder

Click Your Heals
A2 Card

Stamp and color the image 
Stamp the gears, cut and emboss with Detailed Copper embossing powder.  Pop up on shoe
Stamp the clock and color, cut out, pop up on gears
Cut out the shoe, add brads
Emboss Click Your Heals with Bark (EP505) embossing powder
Cut sentiment and coffee spritz.  Adhere inside top of shoe
Coffee Spritz background paper
Frantage background paper with Aged Silver enamel, Bronze Mica, Champagne glass , Mint and ochre fragments
Place background paper onto yellow A2 card base
Make a small stand for the shoe and frantage.  Place on bottom edge of card popped up
Place shoe on background paper using pop up foam
embellish with metal embellishments

Saturday, January 26, 2013

No Line Pomegranate - New Release

Copics E04 R56 R59 YG91 YG95 E40 E44 E49

CRP190 Pomegranate
CRN255 Scroll Blossoms
FREG030 Aged Ivory Embossing enamel
FRM03 Tarnished Mica fragments
FRC12 Burgundy Color Fragments
EP505 bark

A2 card

Remove "Pomegranate" off stamp (yes, carefully cut it off, be careful it's a tight cut)
emboss saying on cream paper with bark embossing enamel cut down and ink edges
Stamp image using pink stamp pad on cream paper and color (no line stamping)
Frantage image edge
emboss Blossom Scroll on cream paper on strip of paper and frantage
Frantage back ground cream paper
Layer as shown and wrap with burgundy twine

Friday, January 25, 2013

Monster Love - New Release

It is a monster kinda love...hang on for the crazy ride.  Dustin has a new release just placed in the store.  Go to the store to get your images.  Also check out all the fun stuff with samples on his blog HERE.

Such A Pear - New Release

One of my favorites, I am just saying!!  I have a thing for fruit images too.  I colored this image with YG03 YG73 YG67 and textured it with blending solution.  They have a few "labels" in this new release and I am very partial to them.  This one is called Pear label.  Be sure to ask your local store to get your stamp in for you!

CRW084 Pear Label
CRN255 Swirl Blossom
EP505 Bark EP
FREG021 Chunky White Enamel
FRG11C Red Glass Glitter


Pear Label

Stamp image twice onto cream card stock
Color full image and color pear on second image
cut out pear and place popped up onto full image
coffee spritz image background avoiding main part of image
add frantage to lower portion of image
emboss swirl blossom in one corner of yellow cardstock
curl corner of main image and place onto yellow cardstock exposing swirl blossom
place onto green mat
emboss swirl blossom onto large cream card stock
distress and texture (I used copics)
Place image layer popped up onto this swirl embossed layer and then placed onto green card stock and onto yellow card base

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Barn Yard Critters - New Release

This image made me squeal!  It did, really!!  I love barnyard animals, and the faces on these are so adorable.  These come in a clear set along with some more barnyard friends.  This is also a new sentiment.  I thought it was perfect peeking out of the barn door.
SSC1162 barn Yard
CRV273 Sentiment
EP505 embossing powder (bark)

A2 tent fold

Emboss Sentiment using Bark embossing powder
Stamp the images onto white card stock and color
Cut images out
Cut doors out of wood pattern paper
Pop up wood looking pattern paper onto sentiment
Place popped up pattern paper onto pink card base
Pop up animals onto front of card

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ship at Sea - New Release

This image is the perfect image for that Fathers Day card.  The nautical theme is very rustic and has a masculine feel to it.  I used instant coffee and water to age the paper.

CRW087 Ship image
CRR163 Old World Map
Fragments and Embossing powders:


Size 5 x 6 extended

My Ship Has Sailed!

Emboss using bark the ship image two times on cream card stock
Emboss Old World Map on cream card Stock
Distress edges and coffee spritz
tear out ship from one image and distress
pop up on other image of ship
layer on Old World map
Frantage exposed lower half of Old World Map
Frantage lower half of pattern paper and place image layers on top popped up
layer on light blue card stock and then on medium blue card base
add 3 flags using twine as shown

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

February 16th Scrap of Love Class

To view classes, locations and more info click on tab above or HERE

Come play with some NEW RELEASE Stampendous image's and learn about no-line stamping!!

The Vineyard - New Release

This Wine label and Grape label is perfect for the wine enthusiast.  It was simple to color and looks fabulous distressed.  I added a little color to the image to make it stand out and embossed the image.  I think they speak nicely for themselves.

CRP184 Grape Label
CRR159 Wine Label
FRC09 Purple Color Fragments
FRC19 Amethyst Color Fragments
FRG05C Amethyst glass glitter
FREG042 Aged Bronze Enamel
EP505 Bark embossing powder


Coffee spritz background paper and frantage left side
Emboss wine label using bark and frantage bottom portion.  Layer onto purple cardstock
Stamp Grape Label with black and coffee spritz
stamp a second image and color grapes and leaves and cut out.  place on grape label
dry distress edges and place on pattern paper
layer wine label onto large background paper and wrap with ribbon
pop up grape label layers onto card as shown
place on purple card base

Monday, January 21, 2013

Sunflower - New Release

I am very excited to share with you some of the latest and greatest from Stampendous, coming to your local stores in the weeks to come.  If you are wondering if the store nearest you is getting the item in, just ask them and give them the item name and number.
This image is a Cling Jumbo called CRS5047 Jumbo Sunflower and Stampendous added a stencil with this jumbo stamp for masking.  It makes it so easy to do the backgrounds now.  The sentiment is also by Stampendous.  You can not go wrong with this sentiment!!  I can't forget the little butterfly either.
I colored the image with my Copic markers and added it to a framed card.  Before I adhered the frame to the card I added some of the NEW embossing enamel and glass glitter as well as color fragments.

Ya Old Buzzard!

OH yes, there IS a birthday going on.  Dustin Pike, illustrator/owner of DoodleDragon Studios is turning older again.  I made this card with him in mind (you are welcome Dustin).  I love this image and it is available in the store HERE.  
It just happens to me the theme for the next challenge as well.  Get over to his blog and enter your Doodledragon card.  Then come back and tell you you entered....

I had fun using a multitude of gray markers for this image.  T, W and C were all used.

Copics:  T4 T7 T9 T10, C3 C5 C7, w1 W3 W5 W7 W9, YG03 YG17 YG67, Y15 Y38 YR04 YR09

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Wow...Love it!

Now that Stampendous is back from CHA, it’s time to stop in at your local stamping or scrapbooking store and find out if they’ve ordered the newest goodies from Stampendous yet!  Some of these will sell out fast, and you’re going to want them to reserve one for  you! For example, how about  5 new, yummy colors of Fran•táge Mica Fragments in the super sized jars? Ooooh la la !!
Brand new Stampendous colored Mica!
Brand new Stampendous colored Mica!
Or what about our dynamic new Jumbo Cling Flowers which now include a FREE 2-part template for masking your image or background?
New Jumbo Cling Daisy, Sunflower, Poppy
New Jumbo Cling Daisy, Sunflower, Poppy
If you need to find a retailer near you, just use the online Dealer Locator. Or you can order from one of our terrific Online Retailers.
You’ll be able to see all the new items throughout the month on the website HERE. The terrific Design Team will be blogging Sneak Peeks this week too.  Starting tomorrow I will be showing off all the samples I made for the Stampendous catalog.  Come back every day so see more of what is new.