Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Copic Must Haves - Aristo

Introducing two great products.  Both these product might not be the star of the show but they are necessary tools to assist making the stars shine.  Introducing mr. crab, drawn with the Aristo Mechanical Pencil .5, and touch-ups done using the Aristo Click Eraser.
Everyone needs a trusty pencil and eraser.  Gone are the days of the yellow pencil pink eraser when it comes to artwork.  Imagination International has a wonderful quality mechanical pencil that is perfect for all purposes.  It has a soft ergonomic grip that makes it comfortable in my hand when I used it.   I used a .5 for this piece but there are plenty different sizes to choose from.  Although it has an eraser I prefer to use my new Click Eraser.  Not only is it bright and cheery to look at, it also have a very controllable shape to it and I can access small areas with ease.  I finally can put my large easer away because this definitely is my new favorite!  When you need more eraser all you have to do it click.  And the great thing is when it is empty you just get the core refill.  How cool is that!  You won't know until you get one.

I do want to mention that I drew the mr. crab and then colored directly over the pencil lines, not bothering to erase them.  This will not harm the nibs of your Copics, but it will seal the graphite into the paper and you will not be able to erase the lines when done.  Quite frankly I just didn't care.  It is now part of the artwork.  When a person does watercolor they don't usually erase the pencil why do it with Copics?

Copic color palette

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Still time to Register!!

There is still time to get in to this Novembers 2016 Copic Boot Camp!!! We have about 4 spots left. Registration is still open and there is still time to make payments. You can find the registration HERE as well as all the information. See you in Arizona!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Color of the Day 223

***Please note that I color using the lightest color first, dark, medium and back to light.  I only slightly blend the edge of the last color placed.  Then add the shadow. 

If you miss one of the combo's you can find it on the side of the blog labeled "Color of The Day".  Please realize that your computer screen and printer can change the way you see it or how the colors print, but if you try it yourself you will get some fun combos...promise!

Also, feel free to pin them.  I ask that you do not sell them printed out, do not place them on your personal blog but rather link to mine.  These are for personal use only.   Leave me some love if you want to see more!

Thank you to all my followers and fans from all over the world.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Cherish Our Friendship

Power Poppy has its latest digital release called Pure Prairie Bouquet.  it is a very lovely bouquet I thought and a joy as always to color.   I love the color combinations of orange and blue or yellow and blue so instead of keeping the colors of the actual flowers I chose my own.  Sometimes you just have to be different.

B12 B14 B16

Y06 Y08

YG03 G46
YR16 YR09
BV20 and water brush for background

You can find the image HERE

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Copic Must Have's - Terial Magic

How about something new and different today?  I decided to expand my creativity with fabric.   Yes, know the stuff we collect in a box or closet with great expectations to use it on some project "some day soon".  You know the stuff I am talking about!!

Using the Oriental Poppy Bouquet Kit from Imagination International I got to play with this cool product and thought I would share it with you!  I didn't know they even carried this Terial Magic Fabric Stabilizer, so I am figuring you didn't either.  Using this product I created this fun card.  Originally I thought I would follow the full kit instructions which includes fabric, the fabric stabilizer, wire, pattern and instructions, and make the flowers arrangement but knew the little one would end up using it for a her own entertainment so I decided to reduce the pattern and make a mini version of it.

The fist thing was I scanned the pattern (for personal use only).  According to the instructions you take the fabric and spray it with the stabilizer , let it dry and then cut your pieces, but I decided to do my own thing (cause I am a rule breaker).  I cut my pieces placed them on the tray and then sprayed them.  I then squeezed out the excess stabilizer and opened them back up to dry this left them crinkly and slightly unraveled (to avoid that result I think this is why you do it according to the instructions...hmmm?)  The good news is I wanted them wrinkly as they are Oriental Poppies.  I was too impatient to let them dry on their own so I took out my heat gun and dried them quickly.  They are still slightly pliable which leads us to the next step...
Once dry you will stitch the lower edge and start the assembling process...I won't bore you with the details because you can read them when you get your kit.  The end result it FABULOUS.  I love the different kits they carry as well as the pattern books.  Be sure and check them out.

Don't you think it made an unusually fun card to display?

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Hocus Pocus

Here is a little chibi from Bloobel Stamps.  I just fell in love with her sweet face when I saw her.  I love the different styles Bloobel has available.  Not all Halloween stuff has to be spooky.  Cute is always "in" in my book.

YG11 YG03 YG17
C1 C3 C5
BV20 BV23 BV25 BV29
YR04 YR07 YR09

You can find "Cast a Spell" HERE