Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Get Out Of My Space

Got your attention didn't I?  Have you wondered how others work?  Are they in a closet coloring, do they color with a board resting on their lap, are they lucky to have a designated area for crafting?  I always wonder.  Well I thought I would share with you my work space.

I sit in a rolling chair and like a doctor I roll between my counter areas.  Grab markers and go!  I am surprised there is not a worn path.  With kid grabbing anything loose and dog at my feet I work as quick as possible so that I don't get bumped and have to fix a mistake.  On a good day I can work while the little one naps (about 1 hour a day).

(Look at what it looks like if I move the piles out of the way)

I would have loved to show you a neat and clean, sanitary, organized space...but that just isn't me at this time in my life.  This is the chaos I live in, and frankly I am okay with it until life slows and I can make it all pretty.  When I am coloring it just doesnt matter.  I love my Copic colors in view and out for display...they make me happy.  I usually work directly in front and to the right of my monitors and that is the only place with a clean space (normally).  I have about 4 or more projects and deadlines going on at once and a pile of stuff pending once I get a spare moment.  This is my life.  So I am normal (well maybe not so much), I am messy, I am always working the night before a deadline, and I am happy with it.  Don't worry...I know where everything is! Thank you for stopping in, glad I could give you a peek at my life as it is right at THIS moment!

Jennifer Dove

Monday, January 23, 2017

Stampendous CHA Release - Indigo Cats

I just had an amazing two days at Phoenix Creativation (CHA) at the Stampendous booth getting to color the new Laurel Burch collection!  I have been dying to show you, and now I can.  These stamps will make you smile, and give you hours of coloring fun.  Here is one I got to demo this past weekend.  Coloring in the Laura Burch style here are the Indigo Cats....the bright cheery colors within her style are so fun to use.  There are more cats, dogs, flowers, horses within this line.  Make sure you check it out.  This set comes with 3 cats and the butterflies.  You can also get the matching dies!  Yay Stampendous!  Congrats on picking up the Laurel Burch line!!

Y17 R22 YR04 YR09
BV01 BV04
BV20 BV23 BV25

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Wild Horses

Here is one of the new release stamps from Stampendous.  It took a while to color this piece up because I was paying close attention to details from the original artwork of Laurel Burch.  I added some gold gel pen and gold embossing powder to it to finish it off.  it was fun to blend Copic colors that I wouldn't have originally chosen together.  Grab your stamp and try it out.  I would love to see your rendition of her artwork.


Blue Horse:  BG01 B04 B23 B26 V15 Y17 YR04 YR09 R24
Purple Horse:  BV04 V15 BV27 Y17 YR04 YR09 BG01
Pinkish/Orange Horse:  R22 R24 YR07 BV01 BG01 B23 B26
Green Horse:  G02 G07 YG67 B21 B23 B26 
Red Horse: R24 R29  W4 B69 BV01 Y21
Yellow Horse:  YG11 YG03 G07 G16 Y32 Y26 BV01 R24
Background C10 B26 BV25
Chunky Gold Embossing Powder
Gold Signo Gel pen

Monday, January 16, 2017

Registration Is Open!

Join us in 2017 for one of these special events!!!

I am pleased to announce 2017 registration for Copic Boot Camp and additionally I will be hosting/teaching an Advanced Copic retreat.  You can find all the details and the registration on the Copic Boot Camp blog.  

2017 Advanced Copic Retreat will be in May this year.  It is specifically designed for all prior Copic Boot Camp attendees or if you have been Copic Certified through Imagination International.  At this full 3 day weekend we will color images with amazing techniques that we will go over in detail and then turn them into cards or framable art.  This is a fun filled time, Constantly coloring and learning, games, giveaways and new friends that share your passion of Copics.  You can find more details here  ADVANCED COPIC RETEAT .  Seats are limited so register soon!

2017 Copic Boot Camp - We have great things planned for the 4 day Copic Boot Camp in October.  You DO NOT want to miss out on all the amazing fun, new friends, massive amount of learning and coloring.  It's so amazing people come back every year to do it again.   This class sells out quickly so head over to the blog for all the details and get registered while there are still some seats.  COPIC BOOT CAMP

I look forward to having you at one of these special events this year!!!

Jennifer Dove and team

Little Red Wagon

  I do not ever remember having a little red wagon in my childhood.  I always thought they were terrific.  I will definitely be getting one for my little girl so that I can say I had one.  Seriously though they are cool and I would love to make a little garden in one.  Here is the perfect stamp to make the
buying urge subside (for a while).  This is a new release from Stampendous and is currently available to purchase through your local stores or online.  Let me point out that this was SOOOO quick and easy to color and I only used 8 markers.  

R24 R29
C1 C3 C5
YG03 YG17 YG67

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sweet Pea Show

As you should all now know I love flowers and nature.  Power Poppy just released its monthly digital image and its is so sweet....Sweet Pea Show.  I had a grand idea to make the background very textured using markers an blending rags...well it didn't work as expected and I was not happy with it. Not to be swayed (or throw it away and start over) I continued to mess with it.  In the end I was quite pleased with the outcome.  Goes to show you...NEVER give up.  You are your own worst critic sometimes.

I need to also remember that not everything has to be over the top.  The best images speak for themselves.  Sweet Peas have always been a favorite of mine.  Dainty, delicate but that smell is over-the-top and if I close my eyes I am home with mommy and daddy in the wonderful garden that brought me so much joy in my childhood.

G20 21 24
YR61 65 04 68 
BV01 04 08
B60 63

Cardbase created with Spellbinders Nestabilities S5-207 Labels 38

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Swing Along with Me

Here is the last card we will do in Saturdays class.  i hope you all enjoyed the quick sneak peek of some of the new release from Stampendous.  These were all so enjoyable to color.  If you are coming to CHA be sure and swing into the Stampendous booth 1122 on Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.  I will be there happily coloring some more new releases.  Come say hello!

E50 E51
C1 C3 C5
E42 E44
V12 V15 V17
YG03 YG17 YG67

Stampendous - HMW05 Spring Swing

Friday, January 13, 2017

Kickin' It!

Do you love shoes as much as me?  I fell in love with this stamp in less then two seconds flat!  If you want to get your hands on this stamp it will be released at CHA but can be ordered through a local store in your area.  Tell them you want P300 Puddle Boots from Stampendous!  If you are lucky to be one of the 50 class attendees on Saturday you will get to color this one up!

V12 V15 V17
C1 C3 C5
YG03 YG17 YG67

Thursday, January 12, 2017


I absolutely love this new Stampendous stamp.  It will be released at CHA in a week.  Here is a fun sneak peek at what I will be teaching this Saturday at The Paper Collage.  Hope you were able to get a spot in the class...if not don't despair....get one of your local stores to get this ordered right away for you!!

V12 V15 V17
YG03 YG17 Yg67
C1 C3 C5
Blender Marker (0)

Stampendous - Potted Succulents

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Fly Away

Surprise!  You get a peek at some of the new Stampendous CHA releases.  I will be using 4 of them in the upcoming class at the Paper Collage.  I know you will enjoy these yummy cards.  Who can't resist this color combo either!?!  Get your local store to get these stamps preordered for you!!

E50 E51
E42 E44
YG03 YG17 YG67
V12 V15 V17
C1 C3 C5

Stampendous - HMR93 Helium Ride

I also added this to the House Mouse Challenge blog where the theme is NEW (HMFMC #232)

...well this is a NEW release...TA DA!  You can join in on the fun too HERE