Monday, December 21, 2015

January Class Preview

Although the class is sold out with over 40 people I thought I would share what we will be coloring...drooling is allowed.  If you couldn't get into the class you can make your own cards using my ideas.  Using 3 images from DoveArt Studios I am playing around with more of a "guy" theme.  I enjoyed making these cards and was surprised how quickly I could color them and still make a nice statement.

You can details under class schedule tab above or head over to DoveArt Studios blog for closeups on these cards.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Must Have's - Hot Ribbon

Well I had a fun few hours playing today.  I had a little pair of boys shoes that were red and wanted to turn them into girls shoes for my little one.  I had a fun idea running through my head.  I got to play with Imagination Internationals new Hot Ribbon and Clover Iron to create this little transformation.  It was such a fun and easy process.  What is Hot Ribbon you ask?

Hot Ribbon is a durable, 2 sided 1/8" iron-on polyester ribbon that is machine washable and perfect for creating your own iron-on patches and for embellishing appliqué.  It adheres to fabric and paper surfaces when heated with the iron.  Hot Ribbon has a glossy surface with a special adhesive on the other side.  It bonds when heated. 

 I slightly overlaid the pieces on a non-stick heat mat using the iron and then cut the preferred shapes.  Once the shapes were made I laid them on the shoes and heated a second time to adhere to the shoes surface.  

 There is a large assortment of color choices to choose from.  You can find them HERE.  The heat tool is just the right size for small spaces and you can find it HERE.

On a side note:  

Hot Ribbon Art is an iron-on, no sew, 1/8" wide ribbon that can be used to finish the raw edges of appliqué. Imported from Japan, Hot Ribbon is gaining in popularity with quilters who like to finish off their projects quickly and have a dramatic look. Each package of Hot Ribbon contains 2 yards (four 18 inch strands).

It's sNOw Fun Without You

A few last minute wintery cards to make before my Winter stamps go back into their igloo.  It always makes me cold making snow cards as it brings back lots of memories of trekking through thigh deep snow in Alaska.  Of course you learn to dress for the weather but after living in a warmer climate you soon forget.  How about a fun wintery sledding card?  This is a new stamp from LDRSCreative and is called Winter Fun.  It was a quick and easy card to make.  Why can't snow be teal?  Who makes these rules anyways?

Copic Colors:
E50 E51 E21 R01 R02
RV34 RV17 RV19
BG11 BG15 BG49
E31 E33 E35 E37 E79

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Quick Christmas Fun

Nothing like having Christmas sneak up on you and you still have cards to make.  How about choosing to keep it simple and letting the sentiment and images be the focal point?  Here are some cards I created for an upcoming class.  I had fun with 5 new stamps from CCDesigns.  I grabbed my dies and embossing folders and BAM!! I was done (well not really cause tons of thought goes into the cards).  Didn't these did turn out "simply" cute!
R35 R59 B52 BG75 YR04 YR09 C1 E35 E57 100

YR04 YR09 R35 R37 R59 G24 G28 G29 BG10 E33 E57 C1 Y15

E50 E51 E93 B91 B95 B97 RV34 RV17 RV19 E31 E35 E57

E50 E51 C6 C8 C10 multiliner r24 R46 R59 YG25 YG17 YG67

E50 E51 E93 V12 V15 V17 E33 E35 E57 E79 BG15 BG49 C1


Saturday, December 5, 2015

Get Better

I have been busy lately with Copic Boot Camp and classes but took a moment to create this card.  I used one of the latest releases from LDRSCreative called "Winter Cuppa".  I thought it would be perfect for someone feeling icky and needed a little warming up.  I would love to chill out with a bear (just sayin')!  

B91 B95 B97
YR31 E13 E15
E50 E51 E93
C1 C3 C5 R01
C6 C8 C10
E41 E43 E44

Friday, December 4, 2015

One Can Dream!

You know I am a sucker for a good challenge. has the new challenge up and its a doozy!  How about "AURORA AUSTRALIS/AURORA BOREALIS" for a fun challenge...took some thinking and researching.  Although I have been blessed with seeing the Northern Lights in person I was so much in awe all I good do it watch with my jaw dropped onto the snow.  It is one of the most beautiful things I have experienced.  Here is my rendition.  I made it using glossy cardstock and my handy-dandy airbrush machine.

I used a snowman and fun Chippes from MakeItCrafty to top it off.  You can find them HERE.  I colored the snowman with Copics (of course) and the Chippie word I colored with the new Copics Kirarina Wink which leaves a fun shimmer.

YG11 BV20 BV23 BV25 YR23 R59 Snowman
 BV23 BV25 BV29 BG75 BG78 YG25 Aurora