Monday, December 26, 2016

Refilling Your Markers - Tutorial

Everyone has their own way to refill a marker.  I thought I would explain to you my process.  For those that have been doing this for a while you would think simple right?!  Well for those just starting out it is a very scary endeavor.  Let's start with the basics.  I recommend you practice using the Blender marker or a light color to refill as it could be messy until you are comfortable.

Question: "how do I tell when a marker needs to be refilled"
Answer:  There are many ways to tell, here are just a few.

If I am coloring, and it seems like I am fighting to get it to blend, I stop and check the marker.
Look at the Chisel nib (a nib is the tip of the marker that holds the ink and you color with...just sayin').  Does it visibly lose it color while coloring?  You will see the color in the nib lighten to a very faint shade of the color you are using.

Is the Chisel nib looking fuzzy?  You might have to look really closely to see it.

If the answer is yes to either of these (usually both) then I then take a look at the chisel tip.

Does the Chisel nib look inconsistent in color?  If yes, then next step isn't necessary but I do it anyways.

Test the Chisel nib, this will tell you just how dry your marker is and help determine how many drops I use.

To test I simply draw a quick 3-4 inch line using the broad edge of the chisel tip on scrap paper.  If it looks like this the BINGO!, your marker needs to be refilled.

Question:  "how do I refill my marker"

  1. Working over an absorbent surface such as a paper towel or napkin
  2. Remove the lid of the chisel end of the marker
  3. Using my fingers I pull out the Chisel nib and set aside (or use the Copic nib tweezers)
  4. Remove the cap off the brush tip end.
  5. Verify the color of the marker with the color of the Various Ink refill bottle but checking side of marker label as well as the color on the lid (except on Ciao).
  6. TWIST off the Various Ink top and verify that it still matches the marker color  (trust me on this...its like the measure twice, cut once idea).  ***DO NOT SQUEEZE BOTTLE WHEN TWISTING OFF CAP!!
  7. Hold the marker in your left hand with opening facing upwards. (if you are left handed switch to other hand)
  8. With a steady hand (little late to tell you to hold off on drinking that pot of coffee), hold the refill in your other hand slightly above the open end of the marker with the tip facing down hovering over the opening about 1/2" away.
  9. Gently squeeze the refill bottle and count the drops as they drip into open marker end.
  10. Replace cap on Various ink
  11. Put Chisel nib back into marker facing same direction as shown on side of marker for best inside contact
  12. Recap both ends of marker

Step 8 and 9

Step 11

When I refill a SKETCH marker, if it is just starting to appear dry,  I will put about 40 drops of Various ink to start with.  The reason I remove the Brush nib CAP is to help equalize the internal marker pressure.  (When I am in a hurry I don't bother).  You are also able to see if you are overfilling as it will start to drip out the brush end.  If this happens you will need to get some excess ink out of the marker.  See instruction below.

***If you had to change out the Brush nib due to damage, expect to add extra ink into your marker.  I add at least 10 extra drops.  Watch the ink fill the nib.  If it is not filling the nib then you will add some more drops until it appears juicy but not dripping.

Question:  "how do I remove excess ink from my marker"

  1. Uncap both ends of the marker
  2. Using the side of the marker tip, daub Brush tip carefully onto a paper towel until it stops flowing out of tip of marker
  3. Or scribble off excess onto scrap paper
I hope this helped get you started.  Don't be scared...just don't try it over your project you are working on and it will all be ok!

Photo Disclaimer...When I was trying to take photos one handed, while the other hand was trying to hold the marker and refill AND drop drops into the end, holding both at the same time, while looking through the camera lens I did miss the end of the opening of the marker a few or more times times ha ha....AND if that wasn't funny enough...I was filling with an almost empty refill...I thought it was empty at least....THEN I SQUEEZED!  

All I could do was laugh...maybe I need to practice with a lighter color for a while :)

Happy New Year!!

Jennifer Dove

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Copic Must Haves - Graphite Transfer Paper

I know I have talked about this product before but when you find something this amazing you must not stay quiet.  Copic X-Press It Graphite Transfer Paper is so amazing.  You will find that it takes your coloring skills to a whole new level.  From artistic coloring card maker to Copic fine artist.  You just need to take that step forward.

In the olden days artist were able to buy carbon paper.  Carbon paper leaves dark lines that are difficult to erase and can get very messy.  Copic sells the graphite transfer paper.  This transfer paper creates lines that are erasable and the transfer of the image is lighter than the carbon would be.  This allows you to color directly over the lines and depending on the color you use the lines just about disappear.  I left the lines on the majority of my piece and only erased the parts that I was using very light markers with.  One cool part is that this transfer paper allows you the option to print directly on the paper using an ink jet printer.  I do not have an ink jet printer so I chose to print on a piece of regular white laser paper and tape it onto the transfer paper. This works just as well.

Let me go through the steps with you...

  • Print on laser paper the desired image you want to use for your art piece.
  • Tape to light side of transfer paper
  • Pour some wine in a glass
  • Layer Transfer Paper to your canvas (I used marker paper)
  • Using med/hard pressure and ball point pen, trace over the lines that create the shape of the object you wish to create.  Make sure you get all the "important" main parts of the image as going back and adding later is difficult to get lined up.
  • Drink another sip of wine
  • Remove image/transfer paper (don't throw away as the transfer paper can be used again later for other projects)
  • Using your favorite coloring medium and your reference photo, color your art piece
  • Drink more wine because you probably need it by now...oh and take a deep breath :)

In using transfer paper you teach your eye to coordinate with your hand to see what is on your reference photo.  This will help grow your artistic skills. 

This transfer paper comes in two options:  

Colors used to complete this piece

A reproduction of this finished piece will be available at some point to purchase.

I hope you enjoyed the process. - Merry Christmas!

Jennifer Dove

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Stuffed Stocking

Just one last show and tell for you from the card in the upcoming class.  This stamp is from another Power Poppy Set called Fully Stocked.  It is available now.  Be sure and check it out so see the full clear set with sentiments too.  You can also join me at the class in Arizona :)

This is the bonus card and the Copics used are:
R24 R29 R56
C1 C3 C5
E41 E43 E44
B91 B95 B97
YG93 G99

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

A Little Birdie Told Me

I love birds and cardinals are on the top of my list. These little cuties and the cups they are on are just the perfect match.  This is another cute stamp from the Power Poppy Clear set "cozy cupfuls".  Hope to see you in class to create this card on December 17th at The Paper Collage.
If you can't attend be sure and head over to Power Poppy and get your set of stamps.

R24 R29 R56
C1 C3 C5
E41 E43 E44
C1 C3 C5

Monday, December 5, 2016

Good Tidings

Another fun card using Power Poppy Cozy Cupfuls clear set.  Come join in on my class at The Paper Collage on the 17th of December.  You are going to love all the cards...yum yum yum!

YG93 G99
E41 E43 E44
B91 B95 B97

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Wintertime Wishes

Come join me for the last class of the year with some winter fun.  Introducing a fun class at The Paper Collage using a Power Poppy clear sets.  I fell in love with this set as soon as I saw it.  Be sure and let the store know if you need a set ordered.  

R24 R29
C1 C3 C5
E41 E43 E44
B91 B95 B97

Thursday, December 1, 2016

I Give a Dam! - DoveArt Studios Blog Hop

It's time for our NEW RELEASE from CCDesigns and DoveArt Studios.  Just in time for Christmas!  Due to the popularity of the DoveArt Studios line of stamps, it is our biggest release yet.  Featuring 12 new stamps ranging from Easter, Southwest, oriental, in the woods, magical and country.  Something for everyone!

This is what I have created using the new Beaver stamp.  I love him and his cute little personality.  Its hard to find a good Beaver image so I think this one is top "notch".  I got a giggle using this sentiment too.  I used an old (discontinued) Birch stencil from CCDesigns for the background and lightly airbrushed in onto cardstock.  Next I used E43 E44 and E47 to outline the trees to give it a painted appearance.  

Copics used:
W1 W3 W5 W7
E40 E42 E43 E44 E47 
E31 E35 E57 YR24
BV20 BV23 BV25 BV29
YG03 YG17 YG67

You might get a little laugh (I did).  I get the card all done and just photographed it.  I left it sitting in my light box up on the counter and wouldn't you know little one who recently turned 2...somehow stacked boxes in a blink of an eye and grabbed the card and ripped off the sentiment and rope...yup totally terrorized the card.  Thank god for the photo I just took...and really in the big picture, it is just paper and ink.  Ok back to the regular program....

I are very excited about each of these new stamps and I know you will want them all!!!

CCDesigns want to give you a chance to win several of these new stamps so let's get ready to HOP!

Each of our Design Team members will be sharing their inspiration with gorgeous projects that feature every one of these new stamps!

Here is how you play:

1.  Visit each design team member's blog (Blog roll below).  If you are starting on my blog be sure and hop back to the beginning so you can see all the new stamps and have a better chance of winning. 

2.  Leave a comment on each blog.

3. When you reach the end of the hop, you will be at DoveArt Studios blog.  There you will leave the name, or names of your favorite stamps in the release, or your favorite card made from the release.  

We hope you enjoy!!  Let's Hop!

Jennifer Dove - Yup, this is me!

DoveArt Studios

Be sure and leave some love to all the DT members!  random winners will be chosen on December 4th and posted on the DoveArt Studios blog.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Must Haves - Foil Tape

I just don't want you to miss out on all the fun I am having using all these fabulous products.  I hope you enjoy the inspiration!  This product is called X-Press It Foil Tape.  It has a brilliant sheen to it, very mirror like but in colors.  So mirror-like its hard to photograph.  For this card I used the purple and lavender...cant tell it from the photo though.  I chose these two colors for this card out of the 10 colors that come in the package.

The Foil tape is great quality and is also prepositional if you don't press it down hard.  Like I said above it comes in a pack of 10 colors.  Each roll is 7/16" wide and contains 3 yards (9 ft) of tape.  The packaging is cool too as when you are done you just place it back into the reusable storage.  It goes on super smooth without bubbles and is super flexible.

Copics Used to color Butterfly Baby
V01 V04 V06
E42 E43 E44
BV20 Bv23 Bv25
E50 E51 E21 E23
V20 V22 BV17

Butterfly Baby by Krista Smith and sold through LDRS Creative
Chipboard word and stars by Make It Crafty

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Must Haves - Atyou Spica

I thought I would play with the Atyou Spica pens today to create a simplified Christmas card.  I used some chippies from Make It Crafty that are really a nice quality and come in cream.  They were so easy to color with the Atyou Spica and the glass glitter showed up really well.  It dries on the chipboard right away.

Atyou Spica pens each features super sparkly micro glass flakes. They're non-toxic and archival and write for over 350 yards.  They come in a huge array of colors and can be bought individually or in sets.  This would be tons of fun in an adult coloring book too!  Click on the link below to browse the different options.

If you look really close in the top photo you can see I took the photo even before the glue had a chance to dry.  Life with a little one :)

For this one I used the Olive, Lipstick and Gold pens.  I covered the gold with glossy accents to create a clear bubble that accentuates the glitter.  I did a quick airbrushed background and assembled.  Quick, easy and oh so glittery!


Thursday, November 24, 2016

Must Haves with a bit of Power POPpy

I have a few fun things to share with you today.  You don't want to miss this...

1.  A new release from Power Poppy
2.  Copics new width of Glitter Deco Tape

First I wanted to share with you the latest release from Power Poppy, just perfect for those cards and better yet, tags for those gift you are starting to stack in the closet.   If you are familiar with photoshop you can quickly color it in, or if you need a bit of coloring therapy you can take time to color it with your favorite coloring medium...of course I used Copics and combined one of the new images with  Glittering Glass Santa digital image to make this card.  PLUS there is even a coupon for a special discount.  SAY WHAT?!  You can find the new release HERE in digital stamps.  Scroll all the way to the bottom of this post to get all the details on the 30% off at Power Poppy!

When I made this card I wanted to give it some shimmer.  I added some silver glitter to Santa's jacket (which for some reason started to sluff off)...thank goodness for this next product to rescue the need for glitter.  X-Press It (Copic) has this amazing NEW 1" width of Glitter Deco Tape.  It can be used similar to washi tape and has this AMAZING shimmer of glitter.  It cuts down nicely too if you wanted to create your own width.  It is smooth and none of the glitter rubs off.   I used the silver narrow width tape and powdered the back of it to created this bow to top the card off.  It is even acid free!

It was so easy to add that pop of glitter to a project.  I know I will be needing more of this fun stuff!


Power Poppy Special

Friday, November 4, 2016

Faux Marble

I got to do a little playing today, along with my daily 4 month long preparing for Copic Boot Camp here in Arizona.   This 4 day retreat starts in less then a week.  I am so excited as we have about 63 attendees.   One of the fun things we do is the airbrush station and I thought I would make a "marble" background with the Copic airbrush and glossy paper.  I am pleased with the results and will definitely do this again in the future.

After spritzing the glossy cardstock with the different colors I misted the card stock with 91 percent rubbing alcohol.  After it dried I added white Copic WInk as the "veins" in the marble.  The possibilities are endless.

E04 E08 E49 B45

YG03 YG17 YG67
G24 G28
E31 E35 E57 E98
BV20 BV23 BV25

Friday, October 28, 2016

Sitting Pretty

Are you sitting' pretty with all your Christmas cards done?  I bet not!  Now is your time to get a few more whipped up at the next Copic class at The Paper Collage in Arizona.  If you are not local you can always grab this little guy from CCDesignsRubberStamps.  This is a set of 3 adorable reindeer and sentiments in clear.  If you can make the class it is on November 26th and you can call to sign up.  All info under class schedule above.

G24 G28
E31 E34 E35 E57
W1 W3 W5 W7

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Through the Window

How cute is this little reindeer peeking through the window?  Pairing this adorable reindeer with the NEW (not yet seen) Doveart Studios stamp "Through the Window" to make an adorable shaker card. You can find them now in the CCDesigns store and your local stores can also get this in for you.

This is another card we will get to color up at November's class in Phoenix.  All current classes are shown under the tab "class schedule" above

G24 G28
W1 W3  W5 W7
E31 E24  E35 E57
Copic Opaque White (for snow on window pane)

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Bring on the Holiday Cheer

...with a cute little reindeer.  Join me in a last minute holiday card class at The Paper Collage using this adorable little reindeer from CCDesigns Rubber Stamps.  Class held November 26th at 10am and 2pm. In this class we ill color 3 images up using Copic markers.  You can sign up HERE by email or calling the store.

Copics used:
B91 B95 B97
E51 E93 E31 E34 E35 E57
W1 W3 W5 W7
texture rags and blending solution

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Copic Must Haves - 'Cause Once Wasn't Enough

Ok, have you purchased the NEW Gasenfude (pronounced gas-en-fu-day) yet?  I don't know about you, but I love just saying the really is quite fun.  I spent the morning making this image and card to show you how beautiful the results can be.  Hang with me until the bottom of the post and I have a goodie for you too.

HEY YOU!  Eyes back up scrolling to the bottom!  I promise I will make it short.

I started out with blank paper and my .8 multiliner in black.  Drawing a box, simple right?

Okay, that's all there is to it...see ya... KIDDING....keep reading.

I used a pencil to do a rough sketch of what I had in mind and then using the multiliner and metal Aristo ruler and went over the lines of the boxes and words.  Next was the super fun part.  Because of the nylon bristles of the Gasenfude brush tip, you get thick and thin lines depending on the pressure used.  I kind-of followed the sketch I had for the pumpkin using the Gasenfude but also allowed it to have a mind of its own.  I was able to achieve both thin and thick lines for every brush stroke.  I am happy with the results and will place the original on a card as planned, but I thought how fun it would be to make it into a digi stamp so into photoshop I go to clean it up.

You can find the Gasenfude HERE

And because you so patiently waited here is your "Boo Label" from me to you!  If your friend wants a copy, just send them over to my blog and they can have it too.

Happy Holidays!  With Love!

Jennifer Dove

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Copic Must Haves - Lavender

Yes, another must have!  Copic just released the new color in the Multiliner family.  Welcome Lavender!!  I find that I don't have enough purple in my life.  I rarely use that color for cards and so this was even more challenging for me to step outside my normal color palette.

Using a reference photo from the web I drew this simple outline of the onion flower.  How can you go wrong with big fluffy balls of flowers.  One day I will find a field of these and take photos.  I must put this on my bucket list (yes, it is the simple things in life that make me smile)

Once I had my rough sketch I grabbed my delicious new .3 and .5 lavender multiliner and outlined them all to create the base of the piece of artwork.  I mainly put lines around the darkest areas as a reference.  Next I used BV000 as the base layer of the flowers.

The next step was to create depth.  Using the YG03, 17 and 67 I colored in the stems (I started with the green because I love them so much).  Adding the layers of the purples was very therapeutic.  I wanted to make sure the lightest colors were prominent so i left a lot of the BV000 showing through as I scribbled in V17, 15, 12 and BV11.  I added BV29 in the farthest shadowed areas and used the BV11 as the cast shadows.  POOF you now have pom pom flowers!  The multiliner texture still showed through the blending of the other colors used.  The lavender multiliner color tone is similar to V17 if you need a reference color.

I added B00 B000 B0000 for the background to complete this piece.  I was going to make it into a card but for now I will keep it as a little art piece.  I can almost smell the fragrance of the onion.
The multiliners are now available to purchase and can be found HERE.  They come in 4 sizes: .03 .05 .3 and .5.  You also have the option to buy the set of 4 in a pack and it can be found HERE

For those purple lovers this is definitely something you must have in your art tools.  Even if all you do is doodle and take notes.  Super fun and YUM!

-Jenn Dove

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Winter Chickadee

I love birds and this one brought a smile to my face.  Something about fresh snow and a happy bird warms my heart.  Here is "Chickadee in Barberry" a fresh digital release from Power Poppy.  I felt like coloring it all monochrome blue with some reverse color pop (the background).   Once again so simple and with a touch of glitter makes the perfect Christmas card.  Did I mentions it was a quick too?

B91 B95 B97 B99
E57 Alcohol Painting

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Color of The Day 224

***Please note that I color using the lightest color first, dark, medium and back to light.  I only slightly blend the edge of the last color placed.  Then add the shadow. 

If you miss one of the combo's you can find it on the side of the blog labeled "Color of The Day".  Please realize that your computer screen and printer can change the way you see it or how the colors print, but if you try it yourself you will get some fun combos...promise!

Also, feel free to pin them.  I ask that you do not sell them printed out, do not place them on your personal blog but rather link to mine.  These are for personal use only.   Leave me some love if you want to see more!

Thank you to all my followers and fans from all over the world.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Copic Must Haves - X-Press It Glue Pen

You know the moment when you have something all planned and it goes wrong in an instant?  Yes, I had that moment.  I bet you can't tell by the outcome of this card, right?

I was working on this card and was just finishing off the coloring stages when my little one grabbed my chipboard frame.  Before I could utter the word "!NO!" it was torn in two pieces.  Looking down at that cute face with those little round curious eyes looking up at me.  She was so pleased that she had just made two pieces from one object?  How could I be mad?  To her it was cool!  Ok, time to think quick, no time to come up with another idea.  AHA!!  I bet my medium tip X-press It Glue pen would work I tried it and it DID!   It produced just the right amount of glue without "gooshing" out and making a mess.  When all glued back together I just quickly colored over it with a blue marker to bring the colors all together.  

Project rescued!

I will make sure I have one on hand for all emergencies!  It comes in 2 different nib styles (medium and wide).  To use all you need to do is push the tip and the glue will start to flow.  When you need more in the nib just squeeze while pushing the tip down and it will fill the tip up again.  This is great for so many projects!  I also glued the coffee cut embellishment together using this glue.  It worked perfect because it allows a little movement once the pieces were placed together giving me time to position just right.  I love the end is all back to normal and so is my frame!

Acid-free / Xylene-free
Clear drying
Dual application
Permanent / temporary
4mm Medium Tip or 8mm Wide tip

Other Items used:

Monday, September 26, 2016

Copic Must Haves - Shadows & Shading

Sometimes you come across a book or place online that has some invaluable information.  If you are struggling with the light source, shading and shadows within your coloring I would highly recommend this book by Marianne Walker called "Shadows & Shading".  
In this 52 page bound book you will receive information on:

1.  Understanding different kinds of light source
2.  The differences between shading and cast shadows
3.  How to properly color a variety of objects from simple to complex
4.  Shadow color theory

The great thing is it in in a language you can understand.  Meaning, it is not all techy and hard to understand.  The pictures even make it easier.  This is perfect for a beginner or anyone that just doesn't quite "get it".  For $14.95 you get to look smarter and feel a lot more knowledgable!  I have one...DO YOU?

You can find this book now HERE