Look Mom...No Flowers!

My Mom is my biggest fan, but tells me I seem to overdue things with flowers...But I love Flowers...So this project was done almost strictly with paper. I used recycled acetate packaging for the boxes (they are what my Christmas ornaments came in). Just cut off one end, or cut one down and use the end for a lid. I lined them with paper and chipboard and added a stamped image to complete them. Now I just need to fill them with goodies.

I am trying to use up my Basic Grey paper packet...so I started using the scraps to make some cards. My paper is going further than I expected. I made 4 cards so far, but am only posting my favorite. I think it would be easier to give up on the idea of using up all my paper and move on. So enjoy my creations, simple and without flowers.


Lois Michael said…
Jenn, very cute indead. Love the card & boxes. I am sure you did your mom proud!
Lois Michael said…
oops I meant indeed. Darn spellcheck anyway1 LOL

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