Birds and the Bees - Class

No, I am not teaching you about the "birds and the bees" in this class, but we will have fun coloring some.  Join me in Glendale, Arizona at The Craft Retreat June 15th, and in Payson Arizona at Paper and Metal Scrappers (day to be announced) for this fun filled class.  Refer to the Class Schedule for the recommended colors used in this class.

Bonus card

Images By Whipper Snapper Designs


Patty said…
Amazing works Jennifer!!!!!! I would love to live in Arizona for taking classes with you....but I live in Italy :-(
Gramma said…
Off to "Whipper Snapper," love the 3 birds on the branch. I wish I lived closer!
Rachele Funk said…
Where is the supply list and where would I register?
Jennifer Dove said…
This one Rachele is at The Craft Retreat at 59th and Greenway. Here is the link from above of all the classes and locations

hope to see you...been a while

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