Sunday, September 15, 2013

Show The Love Candy Winners

Blog Candy Winners
Thank you all for the delicious comments you left all over the place.  Yes, I went and found them all and have been keeping track.  Your love is overwhelming....and you make me strive to thrive amongst my coloring chaos.  I appreciate every one of you!  I hope you enjoys your cards and goodies.  I chose your goodies by  Below are the winners.  Winners please email me your mailing addresses this week and I will get them all mailed out next week for you.  My email is

Much Love from
Jenn Dove!!

Julie-Justwritedesigns (blog) - CardMaker Creative Color magazine
Dorinda (LMM FB) - Create With Copics: Beginner's Guide DVD
Zoe (blog) - Surprise Card
Lynda Kane Nielson (LMM FB) - Surprise Card
Dorinda (blog) - Surprise Card
Rebecca Woods (FB) - Surprise Card
Bunny (FB) - Surprise Card
...Just Barbara - Surprise Card
Sharman Deluca (LMM FB) - Surprise Card
Barb Thompson (blog) - Surprise Card
Rachele Funk (FB) - Surprise Card
Janice (LMM) - Surprise Card
Julie Richards  (blog) - Surprise Card
Marilyn Weaver (blog) - Surprise Card


Barbara Thompson said...

I won a card with your autograph! Woo hoo! Thanks Jenn. Love that Cardmaker color magazine!! It rocks and so do you!!

Dreamtime Designs said...

Just wanted to say Congrats to all the winners :) Hugs, Lisa.

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...just Barbara said...

What a surprise!! ... and I'll shamelessly take it. He he he You've got my address still? Thank you, thank you so much!

Julie- justwritedesigns said...

Rec'd the DVD (can't wait to watch it) and a lovely card! Thanks so much, Jennifer!