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Thank you all for the delicious comments you left all over the place.  Yes, I went and found them all and have been keeping track.  Your love is overwhelming....and you make me strive to thrive amongst my coloring chaos.  I appreciate every one of you!  I hope you enjoys your cards and goodies.  I chose your goodies by  Below are the winners.  Winners please email me your mailing addresses this week and I will get them all mailed out next week for you.  My email is

Much Love from
Jenn Dove!!

Julie-Justwritedesigns (blog) - CardMaker Creative Color magazine
Dorinda (LMM FB) - Create With Copics: Beginner's Guide DVD
Zoe (blog) - Surprise Card
Lynda Kane Nielson (LMM FB) - Surprise Card
Dorinda (blog) - Surprise Card
Rebecca Woods (FB) - Surprise Card
Bunny (FB) - Surprise Card
...Just Barbara - Surprise Card
Sharman Deluca (LMM FB) - Surprise Card
Barb Thompson (blog) - Surprise Card
Rachele Funk (FB) - Surprise Card
Janice (LMM) - Surprise Card
Julie Richards  (blog) - Surprise Card
Marilyn Weaver (blog) - Surprise Card


Unknown said…
I won a card with your autograph! Woo hoo! Thanks Jenn. Love that Cardmaker color magazine!! It rocks and so do you!!
What a surprise!! ... and I'll shamelessly take it. He he he You've got my address still? Thank you, thank you so much!
Rec'd the DVD (can't wait to watch it) and a lovely card! Thanks so much, Jennifer!

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