Whimsical Hydrangea Sprite

I colored this one up for a little challenge going on over at Aurora Wings FB group.  I thought it would be a quick one...LOL.  I wanted to add it here so you could see it too.  Now back to WORK!

MINI Tutorial just added below...

Image By Aurora Wings - Whimsical Hydrangea Sprite

YG25 YG17 YG67
BV20 BV23 BV25 BV29
B000 B32 B34 YG01
E50 E51 E21 E11


Pam Hornschu said…
Thanks for the mini tutorial, Jenn. She's a beauty!
Amanda R said…
I have been wanting to try this, thanks so much for such a great tutorial!
Sharman said…
Are you crazy? Do you really think we are going to be able to do this without you actually being HERE to show us how in person??? This is just awesome. When I have a few minutes I am going to T R Y!!!!!!
Magda said…
Thank you Jennifer!!
I wondered how you did it.
Now I'll try.
Since I followed your on line classes I am practicing a lot and i'll try to join in The make it colorful challenges. I hope to get some feedback so I can learn more about my mistakes.
Thank you for all the information you share on your blog!!!
Have a nice week
Unknown said…
This is adorable. Thank you for the color lesson. I'm really interested in how you construct facial features when there are none in the original image. Thank you for all you provide.
Unknown said…
Hydrangeas remind me of my childhood in pasadena calif. I love them. so this will be soooo much fun to try. Thanks for the lesson. And yes I agree it would be better if you were telling me to 'just do it'!!! lol.
Unknown said…
Amazing work , thank you for the tutorial hugs Elaine x
Jennifer, Thank you so much for the tutorial. Great job!

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