Copic 101 for Fine Arts Class

I have some exciting news!  I will be teaching a Copic 101 class in Phoenix Arizona on September 10th, 2016. 

This class is all about Copics, and what has made them the top choice of professionals the world over!   Learn how to achieve coloring and blending techniques that will make your work pop!  If you are a beginner, or just wish to brush up on your techniques, this is the class for you!  No experience necessary! 

You can register and find all the information HERE

Come to Phoenix and let me show you some amazing things we can do with Copics!

Jennifer Dove


Anonymous said…
Oh how I wish I was back in Phoenix for this :( we are in the Philippines ministering to children and teens that have been raped and etc. I miss Arizona but these children need us. I love your posts and f.b. and blog and emails. Thank you bunches Hugs, Cathy K
Anonymous said…
When will it be in Phoenix? I might come down for it.
Hugs, Diana Crick

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