Copic Must Have's - Transfer Paper

I am thrilled to share with you another Imagination International Inc. product that will really get you going with the flow.  This product will take the “work” out of any art piece you create.  The most enjoyable part of creating a personal masterpiece is not the set up it’s the getting inky part.  How about using transfer paper?  Oh, you say that’s cheating?  Whether you know how to draw or not, why not take away the tedious using a tool to make it quicker.  The end result is the exact same but you have cut your time in half.  Would you brush your teeth with bark if you had a toothbrush available?  Why would we not just simply use this special tool to make things easier to create our masterpiece.  Take advantage of the tools we are given I say!

With this amazing product I created this 11 x 14 piece of framable artwork from a photo I took a while back

If you would like to learn the process you can head over to Imagination International for the full details including color palette HERE


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