Southwest Mountains

This is a similar view when you visit parts of Arizona.  The red rocks jutting out of the ground like some mars landscape.  The heat radiating up and drying you to the core.   I wish i could enjoy the beauty from the inside of a air conditioned bubble...oh wait I can....DONT get out of your car.  It is a sight to see though.  This stamp is now available through C.C.Designs.
I love adding purples or blues over oranges and reds.  It really give a pretty accent to colors.  Don't think you can't add crazy colors in almost the "normal" to give it that special touch.

By request this stamp will be colored up by the attendees in my July class in Arizona (go figure)

Southwest Mountains - CCDesigns

E33 E47
W1 W3 W5
E08 R89
YG03 YG95 G99


Janine said…
Reminds me of last year's visit to the USA - Arizona and New Mexico areas particularly. Great colouring
Beckie Williams said…
This is just amazing!! Great coloring ....

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