Sands of Time....

This Box was a Belated Birthday gift for a friend who traveled to the beach with her family for vacation. I was late with a birthday gift for her (as always...where does my time go?), so i requested that she bring back some sand from the beach. She brought back a bag of sand and I made this Scrapbook In A Box using her sand. I took spray adhesive and sprayed paper with it, then pressed it into the sand. I cut out a castle out of paper and covered it with sand...then followed the instructions for a Scrapbook in a Box to complete it. Yes, using sandpaper would have been easier...but I don't seem to do "easy". My friends have discovered that in MY LIFE TIME they will get ONE "wowwie" gift...this was hers. My projects take many hours, days, months, even years. I must learn to complete things I start before they gather dust. To all my life is not over still will get your gift, someday. Until then...your gift is ME :) For instructions on how to make an explosion box I have put a LINK HERE. Thank you Anso for allowing me to link to your instructions.

QUOTE: "To myself I am only a child playing on the beach, while vast oceans of truth lie undiscovered before me.” - ISAAC NEWTON


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