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Friday, October 8, 2010

WIP (Work in Progress)

I LOVE when I found this images I couldn't resist.  I still remember my first pair of Converse.

Hopefully get to finish the card tomorrow.  Did I mention I LOVE shoes.  


KellyRae said...

LOVE the purple Jennifer! Did you use any fluorescent Copics?

jandokan said...

Ohhh this image is SUPER...
can you tell me where you found it???
Coloring is great :D

Hugs Anja

Jennifer Dove said...

No matter how much I search I can Not find where I found this image. I will post it hopefully tomorrow and others can grab it from my blog...if anyone finds the "owner" of it...please post so I can give credit.

I will post the pens I used tomorrow also...and I didnt use the fluorescence markers :)

Ying said...

Wow, this image looks AMAZING!

wendyp said...

Amazing job coloring this! LOVE it! Our kids are big fans of Converses!