Time To Play

I finally had time to play.  It seems like the classes have been keeping me very busy and when I get to color its for work (not that it's not fun).  Here is a card I made using a blog-iversary image from Doodledragonstudios.com.  I love this rooster!  You can still get the 200 plus images for 20.00 if you go HERE.  Oh, BTW...I know the spelling is wrong...and had already taken the photo...so the YOUR is staying...must not have gotten all my sleep the night I printed that out :)

R59 E09 E08 E35 E31 YR68 Y38 Y15 R59 R35 - Rooster


Jane said…
Great job Jenn, love the shading on the feathers ~ Jane
Anonymous said…
Sorry to point this out, but "your" should be "you're" - the contraction for "you are." You may want to fix this before giving the card to anyone. Love your cards!
Jennifer Dove said…
Yes I know that the YOUR is wrong...but I have moved past it already....on to the next images ...ha ha ha ha
Denni said…
This rooster image makes me laugh!
I LOVE the feathery streaks in your rooster coloring, and of course your sense of humor in the sentiment, lol!! Awesome card as always!
Kelley said…
I love Dustin's images. Your card is too funny. My sister turns 40 this year and I have to rub it in! Then she will give me a hard time about turning 50. Such is life of the oldest and youngest.

Thank you for listing your Copic colors. I'm always trying colors on scraps of paper trying to figure out what works. You save me much stress. :)

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