Just Passin' Through

Image - Stampendous!  Tain Postcard
Copic Markers: 

YG25, YG95, YG99
B41 B45
E31 E55 E57 E79

6 x 6 card base with overhang

Color inside of image.  Ink or airbrush a second image only on the outside and cut out the center portion.  Using foam pop up tape adhere the inked/airbrushed outer part on top of the colored version.  add red micro glitter to the berries.  layer onto red card stock mat.  set aside.  Starting with a red 6 x 6 card base add these layers.  Brown dot pattern paper layered onto silver card stock and then onto brown card stock.  adhere to the base of card. Add a textured silver layer of card stock to another brown mat.  Adhere to the dot pattern paper using foam pop up tape.  Adhere the image layers.  Add doo-dads and gears to the lower left corner of the image.


charlene said…
OMG this is just beautiful love it! We need a class with this in it.....dibbs dibbs :)
Gotta try this one. Love!
Lea said…
Stunning! Girl, you so totally rock!
Krissy said…
Love the "doo dads"! Stunning card!
Gramma said…
Charlene... you've done it again.. I saw this and went OMG! I'm finding it quite funny that we share the same language tendencies. Oh, and Jenn.. this stinkin' card is OMG gorgeous!
This is gorgeous Jennifer. A real piece of art.
Lois Michael said…
As always....AMAZING!

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