Pup in Boots

A month back Aurora Wings had a little challenge.  All we had to do is color up this image.  It was a painful challenge...ha ha...not really...nothing about coloring is painful!  Here is my submission for the challenge.  I had to see what I could do to make the boots shine.  I went a little overboard when I put in the background, but it was already started so I had to finish it.  You can find this image in her store HERE.

C3 C5 C7 C9 100
BV20 BV23
Y26 E84
E41 E42 E43 E44 E47 E49
E93 E04

Image by Aurora Wings


Kathy S said…
Okay, Jennifer, you have to tell us how you created the "overboard" background, which I think is WAY cool. Did you do it with blender solution and fabric? Did you do it before you colored the black boot? I'd love to know.
Wow, this is incredible!! Love this!
Gramma said…
This is why I don't buy shiny boots (or shoes)... just wanted you to know how you're affecting my mind!
WrinkleFreeDiva said…
This is so darned cute! I love the way you did the background, nothing overboard about it!

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