Must Haves - Copic Case

I was so excited to see that Imagination International Inc finally brought this box out for all my crafty stuff!!!  I couldn't wait to personalize it.  It fits ALL 358 markers plus even more stuff.  This case is very portable with the sturdy strap you can attach too.

  • Constructed of aluminum and plastic
  • Rubberized foam interior
  • Lockable latches with keys
  • Comes with shoulder strap
  • 13.5" x 18" x 7"
  • Available in Gray, Blue, Carmine, and Purple
I am pretty happy with the grid system so I thought I would see if I could incorporate it into this box.  Without going into too much detail let me show you what I have done.

I will tell you the grid can be cut 27 squares by 19 squares.  How you cut your extra spaces is up to you depending on what you want to carry.  I have three large pieces and the rest are small pieces dividing the sections (two rows of squares).  I have a large grid on the bottom then separation grid on left and right of box.  Then I added another large grid with 3 - 2 rows of grid.  Finishing off the top with another large grid.  The two rows of grid separate the large sections and are considered separation pieces.  I didn't use any glue as the markers are holding the sections together.  Don't dive into this project if you are not prepared from lots of snipping with wire cutters.  Your fingers will get sore...but worth it in the end.  Or simplify things and buy the clear plastic cases from Copic and BAM you are done!!

Get yours ordered now and get organized!!!!

Due to large is a bit more info on grid.

Home Depot has the one that is the correct size.  You will pay about 13.00 for a full sheet of Eggcrate Louver for lighting  The other places i have found similar but the grid is slightly too small...just by a hair. - good luck

With everything I had in my case (All Copics, blending solution, multiliners and misc. pens) this case weights about 19 lbs

Where to buy this fabulous case you ask?

You can go directly to Imagination International Inc here


Renata Elenbaas said…
Hi Jennifer,

Where did you buy that grid. I live in the Netherlands and searched all over, but I can't find it.

Yes, wondering too!!! Nobody has this grid here and it looks so nice!!!
The case looks great too!
Lizzy Smith said…
Jen!! Look at those dirty markers!! You should be ashamed. LOL Loves!!
Rhea Weigand said…
Smarty pants!!! I can't wait for mine to get here! waiting, waiting, waiting....sigh
Bunny said…
Picture me holding up a sign that says, "Will clean your markers for free classes".

Love this case. Just looking at all the colors makes me want to start coloring. You need to get baby girl a case while they still make them.
Jennifer Dove said…
i got mine at Home Depot. I added info to the post for those interested
Debbie Olson said…
Looks great! I'll have to check my Home Depot again to see if they have different ones, because the full sheet that i purchased a few months back was slightly too small and kept catching marker lids in places. :-/ i finally gave up on it. . .
Sonja Lockhart said…
Where did you buy the case!??
Sonja Lockhart said…
Where did you buy the case!??
Jennifer Dove said…
i know many places are taking orders for it. has them I believe.
Sharon Madsen said…
I just don't understand why COPIC doesn't come out with a portable case that is attractive and holds ALL their own markers. I have made one that works....but it isn't ideal. I wish they would just market one that WORKS and looks good and is PORTABLE!!!!!!
Beth H. said…
Love this! Thanks for sharing!
A great advantage of this suitcase is that it is flexible and movable! I like the attractive appearance of it! Although we cannot judge by the appearance only, I like it!
Tazmadazz said…
I saw you great storage solution and just had to have it. Thank you Jennifer for sharing the instructions and information on where to get the eggcrate. I took your picture with me and we matched it to the right thing. My husband was a sweetheart and used his Dremel to do the cutting and smoothing for the grating. Here is a link to my case.

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