A MixUp!

Trying to get a little coloring in while the kid is asleep.  I am also working on getting new tags out so keep an eye on out for them too.  I thought i would color one of Bloobel's hilarious images.  Its hard to choose fro the large assortment of giggles.  I finally settled on this crazy cook!  Hope you get  a laugh too!

Digital stamp by - Bloobel.com

E50 51 13 23 skin
N1 N3 N4 N5 N8
E74 E77 E79 hair
E41 E43
Y11 YG01 YG05
Y17 YR04 YR07


Jane said…
Such a fun card, not sure I'd want to sample what's she's baking though!!!
PJ said…
Really cute! Will definitely give the recipient a chuckle!
Bunny said…
I love the colors. She is great. She'll make a great Halloween card, too.

The look on her face could get us out of cooking for Thanksgiving, etc. LOL
Lois Michael said…
Jenn, this is STINKIN adorable!
StampinLouie said…
This is soo cute. Did you do the sentiment on the computer or is it digital of a stamp?
Jennifer Dove said…
I did it on the computer. Thought it worked perfectly with the image 😝

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