Stocking Stuffer

I took a moment to do some therapy coloring and play with an idea that has been rattling around in my brain.  OOOOOh you are going to love this!  First I colored up this adorable digital from Bloobel Stamps.  If you know me you know I love quirky.  I just thought this one was just the sweetest quirky stocking stuffer.

Okay check this out....I have done this a few times now but haven't mentioned it.  How many of you have stash or rhinestones, pearls, beads and misc doodads laying around ?  Check our how your can embellish your embellishments...add a little something to the already yummy Nuvo Crystal drops.  SAY WHAAAAAT?!!  I know!!  The possibilities are endless.  I placed a slightly larger amount of the Nuvo Crystal Drops then I normally use so that when I placed the gem, it encompassed the bottom making a bezel.  Cool Huh?!  With all the Nuvo color choices you can have so much fun with this concept.  I can't wait to see this idea take off!

BV20 BV23 BV25
R05 R24 R29 R59
BG32 BG45 BG57
E50 E51 E21 E13 E93


Great look! I'll be trying that today!
Niki Jorgensen said…
And take off this will - GREAT idea... will try it today.
Thanks, Jenn!
lritchie said…
OMG, the face on this little one is sooooo cute, thanks for the tip using old unused pearls ect!
WrinkleFreeDiva said…
Great idea! I have pebbles from wayyyy back in the day. This would be a perfect way to get them used up!
Bev Gerard said…
Ooooohhhh .... your Nuvo idea will launch for sure. This not-such-a-fan will have a new chance at liking my little bottles! Thank!

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